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Funeral services Harmonie - Usti nad Labem

Solid, respectful and fair dealing. Intimate approach to the difficult life situation when our closest ones leave.

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Who collects the data

Your personal data collects:

Harmonie Usti n.L. s.r.o.

ID: 25026828 VAT ID: CZ25026828

Address: Belehradska 1184/11, Usti nad Labem, 400 00.

Contact e-mail:


What data we collect and why

Contact and demand of services

As part of our future performance, we collect your name, surname, email, phone so we can answer your questions and send you a response to your request.

Order service

Due to performance of the contract and statutory obligation (accounting) we collect the following information from you: name and surname, e-mail, telephone, billing address.

We collect the data so we can properly handle your order and for the issue and archiving of tax documents.

SPAM filter

Unfortunately, our contact form will come in addition to your request as well as spam, so we collect the IP address from where the email came from. In case your request comes from the form, we do not address and save the IP address. If SPAM comes from the form, we'll use that IP address to block it so that SPAM does not arrive next time.


How long do we keep the data

  • Contact, demand: for 3 years.
  • Order execution: for 5 years.
  • SPAM filtering: for 5 years.
  • Order Billing: for the time specified by law.


Who processes the data

The data processor is:

  • Harmonie Usti n.L. s.r.o. (ID: 25026828 VAT ID: CZ25026828, Address: Belehradska 1184/11, Usti nad Labem, 400 00.), as owner the site.
  • Google (Address: Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland) as an advertiser of  Adwords, Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console.,,,
  • Seznam (IČ 26168685, Address: Praha 5 - Smíchov, Radlická 3294/10, PSČ 150 00)  as an advertiser of Sklik.
  • Facebook (Address: Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, CA, USA) as an advertiser of Facebook.



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What are you right for?

  • Ask for what data we process, for what purpose, to what extent, how long, and who has access to it.
  • You may request a correction or deletion of this data.
  • You can request to end sending e-mail messages.

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If you are not satisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you can file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.


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Funeral services


The company is registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Usti nad Labem, Section C, Insert 12977

funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem
funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem
funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem
funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem
funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem
funeral services Harmonie, Usti nad Labem