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Harmonie Funeral Home, seated at Usti nad Labem, the Czech Republic, has been providing full funeral services on professional level since 1992.On request from the bereaved, we are able to manage and arrange the funeral service and all other necessary arrangements either in our office or at your domicile.arrangement of the funeral with attendance or without it.

  • death notice print in Czech, German, and English with a photo of the deceased while you wait
  • transit of the deceased, at home and abroad (by a special vehicle or by air)
  • taking over clothes and dressing the deceased
  • special treatment of the deceased on demand, including embalming and performing thanatological practices
  • digging graves and carrying out exhumations
  • carrying out ash spreading and pouring with attendance or without it
  • marine funerals with pouring the ashes into the sea, with attendance or without it
  • provision of flower gifts (wreaths, bands, funeral bouquets etc.)
  • live or recorded funeral music
  • arrangement of a priest or a civil funeral speaker
  • video recordings and photographs from funerals
  • sale of urns, tomb accessories, metal coffins, and other accessories
  • transport of the bereaved by bus
  • arranging the dinner for mourners
  • other new services for the bereaved (death certificate, widow's pension, orphan's annuity, etc.
  • advisory service in the field of funeral, cemetery, and cremation services